Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY- Fabric Covered Cork Board

Over the weekend I found some vintage inspired fabric at a local craft store and thought it would be perfect for a DIY project. This is an incredibly easy project to make yourself...and won't break the bank. The only hard part will be deciding what fabric you want to use!
Cork board
Spray Paint- any color
Spray Adhesive
Rotary cutting Mat
Rotary Tool or Scissors
Fabric-I only used 1/2 yard, but it may vary depending on the size of your cork board
I picked this basic cork board up at a yard sale for $2.

Feel free to use any brand and color of your choice.You can use whatever cutting tool you prefer...I just found these easy for me.

First you will want to tape off the cork area.

In a well ventilated area, spray on a light coat of primer. The go over it with about 2 coats of paint, letting them have plenty of time to dry in between.

This is what you should have after you have finished painting, and removed the newspaper and tape.

Cut your fabric to size and spray adhesive on the cork and lay your fabric on top. You'll want to cut the fabric just a little larger than the cork so that it can be tucked under the frame. We used a knife to tuck the fabric underneath the frame...but you could use a putty knife too. If you want to, you could also add some trim around the edge to give it a little more detail.

Voila! You have a finished cork board that is not boring...but FABULOUS
Here is a close-up shot. I am using mine to hang all my jewelry on. Seems simple right? What kind of DIY projects do you have planned or have done? Share with me in the comments...I would love to see!

♥ Jen

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Erin said...

so pretty!
-erin @ www.thanksimadeitblog.com

Lily Atlantic said...

@Erin- Thank you...it was super simple and makes displaying jewelry so glamorous!