Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY- Dannijo Rivera Neon Inspired Cuff

Neon seems to be everywhere these days, so I wanted to create a simple DIY that can add just a little touch of neon to an outfit. This DIY cost less than $10 to create and is a great way to try some neon without breaking the bank. The inspiration cost $245.
Inspiration photo via Dannijo
Supplies needed:

Rhinestone chained- either purchased the color you want or created
E6000 Adhesive
To create the neon pink effect, I took a simple rhinestone chain and colored it using nail polish. This gave it the opaque neon pink color like the inspiration.The polish is Wet n Wild #429D Dreamy Poppy.
To get the blue rhinestone color, I used a blue sharpie.
Using E6000 adhesive, glue the main chain portion onto the cuff.
Next, glue on the pink rhinestone portion.
This is what you should have this far.
Finally, glue down the blue rhinestone portion of the cuff.
All finished!
I think that it turned out very close to the inspiration photo, and I'm so excited to wear this! Let me know if you try this DIY out, I would love to hear.

♥ Jen


Maria Loomis said...

Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

AliceShots said...

Great! It's amazing and so easy to do! LOVE it!