Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY- Thread Wrapped Bangle Patriotic

The 4th of July is undoubtably one of my favorite holidays...although I lack anything patriotic to wear. Last weekend I spent most of Saturday afternoon looking for some inspiration, but I really didn't seem to find just what I was looking for. As I was purusing the internet, my little Diva Darling was playing in my craft stash...with my bangles and thread....and then it hit me! Why not combine the two of them and see what happens.

The bangle was only .25 from a yard sale, and I purchased the pack of craft thread for about $3 from a craft store. Here is how I created bangle.

Craft Thread
Glue or Adhesive
Scissor- not pictured

First, I placed a small amount of glue on the inside to hold the thread and then began wrapping. Once I was finished with a color, I placed another small amount of glue and then trimmed with a pair of scissors.
 Once done with one color just continue on with the next using the same method as above.
This is your final product. Here is the break down of the times I wrapped each color in case you want to replicate this pattern.

Thin White- 10
Wide Red- 20
Wide Blue- 50
Wide White- 20
Thin Red- 10

* The amount of wraps may vary depending on the size of your bangle.*
 I didn't choose a real dark blue so it has almost a nautical feel to it so it can be worn past July 4th.
Leave it to my little Diva Darling to spark a little creativity into me. This is perfect for adding just a touch of patriotism to an outfit without being too themed. Wear it alone or add a few extra bracelets for a little arm party. Let me know if you try this, I would love to see what other kinds of patterns you come up with. Have a great weekend!

♥ Jen

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