Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY- Lanvin Inspired Long Petal Necklace

 This is the time of year that I love to incorporate florals into my wardrobe. I am also totally in love with peacock blue. Last month while looking for a Lanvin inspired DIY, I spotted this gorgeous long petal necklace on the Bergdorf Goodman website. The perfect combination of floral and peacock blue. So here is an encore Lanvin inspired necklace.
 Inspiration photo via
 Materials need:

Ribbon (1 1/2")
Eye Pins
Jump Rings
Silver Grey Colored Pearls

Round Nosed Pliers
Side Cutters
 Slide an eye pin through pearl and loop. Do this for however many pearls you want to add. A round nosed pliers makes this step much easier.
 This is what you are going for.
 I completed 5 of these for my necklace.
 Using scissors, cut many different petal shapes. It doesn't matter how they look at will be stacking them to create flowers. I was a little scared about how it would turn out, but be creative, that is the point of it being an inspired doesn't have to be identical.
 Take a lighter and burn around the edges. The longer you hold the lighter to the ribbon the more indents you can create.
 Stack however many petal you would like and attach to your chain. I used the inspiration photo as my guide. Slide an eye pin through the petals and then attached it to my chain and pearl.
 Continue until you have made all your petal and attached them to the chain and pearls. Add a clasp if you would like.
 Lanvin and my version of the long petal necklace.
Voila! All done! I think this project cost a total of $3 for the ribbon and pearls, and I already had all the other supplies on hand. The inspiration necklace costs $795! So I think that this is a pretty easy and affordable way to add some floral to an outfit, and when it is out of style you can re purpose the materials and make something else glamorous!

♥ Jen

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