Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

 What an absolutely gorgeous weekend it was here in the the Northeast. It was jut too beautiful outside to sit indoors this weekend so we headed out for some rest and relaxation at the river. Hubby decided that it was time for Diva Darling to go fishing for the very first time, so we headed down to the river. The water was so calm, and Diva Darling found some new treasures to bring home with her (clam shells).

Of course, before we went to the river we stopped at a few yard sales along the way. I was able to score some vintage treasures for our home. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
 These rocks and tree roots just looked so picturesque.
The most gorgeous fishing girl out that day! This is Diva Darling and the only fish we caught that day....this is fishing spot number 2.
 Aren't these stellar? I bought this set of 5 vintage cocktail glasses for only $1! They make a perfect addition to my bar cart.
I have been on the hunt for one of these vintage Polaroids for a few months. I realize you can just buy these on etsy or ebay, but it's the hunting for treasure that I really enjoy. I love to bring home a dusty vintage find and bring it back to life.

I finally found this Sears Special Polaroid Land Camera buried in a box at a church yard sale. I love the rainbow stripe and its cool vintage charm. It's in absolutely perfect condition. This was a total score for for only .25! I am not sure if it works, but I got it as a decorator piece so it really doesn't matter. I thought about purchasing some film and seeing what kind of pictures it would take, but have you seen the price of Polaroid film these days? Yikes....way too expensive!

♥ Jen

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