Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY- Silver and Black Drape Earring

Earrings are my favorite way to accessorize any outfit, and this silver and black drape earring is perfect for the upcoming holidays. This may take a little bit of time if you are just starting out making jewelry as the small chain is a little hard to work with, but the outcome is fantastic!

Here's what you'll need:

Basic pliers- you may need two to open and close the chains, and jump rings

Small link chain- you'll want to choose something small & light so that the earring is not too heavy

(2) Eyepins

(5) Jump rings

(2) Beads or stone of your choice

(2) Earring wiresPut the eye pin through the bead and make a loop at the end.

Make (5) different lengths of chain for each tier of the drape and (2) pieces that will go from the bead to the earring wire.Thread the (5) different length chains onto a jump ring then attach the jump ring to one end of the bead.Repeat the above step and attach. Next, attach the (2) pieces of chain that will go to the earring wire onto the end of the bead.Attach the earring wire and your finished! Super simple and totally unique! Wouldn't this make a fabulous gift for the holidays?
♥ Jen


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