Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY- Morse Code MOM necklace

 While watching the Today show earlier this week, I was inspired by The Omerta Collection by Anthony Dreyer. He has a collection of Morse code jewelry made of black diamonds and pearls. Sound expensive? Well, it is....the inspiration necklace retails for $495!   

 So in honor of Mother's Day, I re-created his Morse code MOM necklace. This is super simple (and cheap) and most everyone probably has some of these items around the house. Keep reading to see how I did it.
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7- round black beads
2- pearl round beads
2- small jump rings
2- medium sized jump rings
chain in desired length
craft wire
round pliers
side cutter
 First take a segment of craft wire and wrap around round nose pliers. This is what it should look like before you trim excess with side cutters.
 Be sure to crimp trimmed ends to prevent scratching of the skin.
 Feed beads onto the wire and repeat wrapping around round pliers.
 Using a small jump ring attach chain to the end of finished beads. Repeat on the other side.
 Using the large jump rings, attach clasp and end ring.
 This is your final product. Morse code for MOM!

I was able to create this necklace in about 15 if you are in need of a last minute gift for your Mom this would be perfect.

Feeling inspired? Here are a few other sites where you can find some inspiration for other Morse code necklaces at Thanks, I made it here, or at Freckles in April here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!

♥ Jen

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