Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY- Hollywood Regency Greyhound

As I have previously said, I am in love with anything Hollywood Regency style. I first spotted a ceramic greyhound on a blog a few months ago and I was in love. So naturally, I scoured the internet looking for one for my home. I came across a few but they were way out of my budget. Last month, I went to Tuesday Morning and found a greyhound in their garden department, he definitely wasn't the right color but he most certainly had potential. For $35 dollars he went home with me, for a glamor treatment was in his immediate future.

The Inspirations:
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What you'll need:

Greyhound- or dog of your choice (mine is from Tuesday Morning)
Fine grit sandpaper
Spray Paint- High Gloss White

This is how he looked from the store. He is made out of resin and was coated in some sort of varnish.

He was just dying to be something more glamorous than this!

 First thing I did was sand him down. Diva Darling keep telling me he was starting to look more like a giraffe than a greyhound.

After sanding him down, I gave him a few coats of primer. Some of the staining kept showing through so I had to make sure I had him good and primed. After that I used a high gloss white and gave him a few coats.

Here he is in all his glory, looking on guard and very regal next to my bar cart. He is kind of a mobile greyhound, as he has graced my fireplace, buffet and front door. This was a super simple and affordable way to add some Hollywood Regency style to my home. What do you think? I also love that he is virtually indestructible (resin, you are my friend) with my little Diva Darling around. 

♥ Jen

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