Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Crab Fest

The end of Summer just wouldn't be complete around our house without a blue crab fest. There is nothing like sitting for a few hours with friends and family, cracking crab and enjoying every ones company. You can purchase crab either steamed or live in whatever quantity you choose. Typically in the past we have always had our crab prepared and steamed before we pick it up. This year, we decided to purchase live crab and steam them ourselves and the results were amazing. Here is a super simple way to steam your own crab.  
We purchased a bushel and this is how they will come. They are usually cold so the crab will actually appear as if they are dead. Do not cook the dead ones! The cold kind of makes them lethargic and they won't move very much until they warm up a bit. Just tap them with your tongs and they will start to move.
What you'll need:

Old Bay
Steam Pot with Basket
Crab Hammers
Fill your pot with equal part of vinegar and water. Make sure your steamer basket does not touch the liquid.
Crab waiting to be steamed.
Now, for us this was a team effort. Hubby grabbed the crab out of the basket and I was in charge of holding the lid down on the pot. ***Note, they will become much more sprightly after they have begun to warm up. We may have had some that tried to make a break for it off the deck. But have no fear, once you get a system down the process goes much smoother.  
Put as many as will fit in the pot once you put the lid on. Between each layer of crab we added the Old Bay. You can add as much or as little as you like....we prefer our to be completely doused.

 The amount that will fit will depend on the size of your pot and the size of your crab.  
Steam the crab for approx 20-25 minutes and they will be ready to enjoy. We steamed our whole bushel in about 2 hours. Your neighbors will be able to smell your yummy delicious crab about 4 blocks away!
Heat up some butter and grab your crab hammers, its time to eat. Some people, my son in particular, like to eat their crab with vinegar.
Typically beer is our go to beverage with crab, but drink whatever you would like.
Even Diva Darling enjoyed the crabs. 
Cheers! You did it!

♥ Jen

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