Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY- Tiffany's Inspired Pumpkin

Halloween has officially come and gone, so it was time to re purpose a pumpkin and make it something glamorous. I decided to create a Tiffany inspired pumpkin using a few things I had around the house. This is a really simple DIY project that anyone can tackle...I had help from Diva Darling.
Pumpkin- real or faux
Craft paint- you could use spray paint too
Paint Brush
Masking Tape
This is a real basic pumpkin that I Diva Darling and I picked up at the local farmers is so small and cute and fits in the palm of your hand.Choose the color of your for the pumpkin and one for the stem. Any kind of masking tape and paint brush will work for this project. I also used a smaller paint brush for the stem. First start by taping off the stem, then begin to paint the pumpkin. I apologize for the somewhat messy paint job at this moment...Diva Darling was helping. After you have painted the body of the pumpkin, remove the tape on the stem and paint. Once you have finished painting your pumpkin (this may take a few layers to achieve desired color), then add a few coats of hairspray to give it a little sheen and luster. And this is what your end result should look like. Cute right?So here you go, a fabulous way to recreate a traditional fall pumpkin into something glamorous. If you want it to last longer I would suggest using a faux pumpkin....I'm a little sad that I'll have to throw this out once it goes bad. What will you be glamorizing this weekend? I would love to hear!

♥ Jen

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Giggles said...

So pretty...can stay around a little longer than just halloween too!

Lily Atlantic said...

@Giggles Thank you...I love Halloween but I thought this was more of a glamorous way of extending some of my decor

Erin said...

oh how cute! my tiffany's obsessed sister would love this-- her bedroom is that color!
-erin @

Lily Atlantic said...

@Erin- Thanks so much...who doesn't love anything that comes in Tiffany blue :-)