Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Our weekend was pretty low key. We spent a lot of family time together and it was sooo nice since our weekends are usually chaotic. I purchased this snakeskin print dress at H&M a few weeks ago, and I just can't wait to wear it. It was a total steal at $14.95.
A few of my favorite fall color nail polishes. Left to right...Sand Tropez, Chinchilly, and Buy Me A Cameo all from Essie. I love this brand of nail wears like iron. My manicure and polish can last a whole week, and survives very well through lots of typing and daily dishes.

I purchased this multi-jeweled ring from Forever 21 on the same day as the snakeskin dress. I am just totally in love with jewel tones and this ring was a perfect addition to my statement ring collection.

This was a totally random purchase late Friday night. While at Ross, I found this cow print floor pillow. Normally, I don't go for cow dairy cow, but this had such a nice color and pattern and it's super soft. Hubby and I spent a couple of hours on the floor cuddled up with this pillow. Diva Darling has also laid claim to it.

Okay, so it's no secret that I am not very good with houseplants. I either love them too much, or let them die slowly if that is their wish. The label on this little succulent said that it was drought tolerant so I thought it was right up my alley. If anyone has any advice on how to "properly" care for these little guys, I am open for suggestions.

♥ Jen


Marusya V said...

Love the Forever 21 ring!!
it's a pity I don't know much about pot plants :(

Kisses and stay in touch.
Love your recipes ;)


Lily Atlantic said...

@Marusya V- Thank you! I may have to leave hubby in charge of the plant...he is usually much better with them :-)